OCEaN Statement on ecological criteria in offshore wind farm auctions

In this statement, the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) encourages European Member States to make full use of ecological non-price criteria for the design of offshore wind farm auctions. These are important tools for Member States to incentivise the innovation required to achieve the EU Green Deal objectives and the Good Environmental Status of our seas, support European industry, and speed up the deployment of much-needed electricity generation and transport capacity.

Reconciliation between renewable energy infrastructure and nature is not only possible, but also needed in order to promote a sustainable energy transition. Including non-price ecological criteria within offshore wind auctioning processes is an opportunity to develop solutions which can provide benefits for nature and the climate, which is at the core of OCEaN’s objectives. These criteria are important to incentivise better environmental performance of offshore wind projects, boost innovation, minimise impacts on nature, and contribute to the enhancement of marine ecosystems.

Offshore wind energy will play a major role in the decarbonisation of the European energy system, with ambitious 2050 targets from Member States. Including such non-price ecological criteria within auctioning processes will enable this infrastructure to be built in a sustainable manner, support nature restoration goals and help enhance biodiversity.

OCEaN Members are committed to supporting EU Member States in identifying possible ecological criteria, facilitating contact with stakeholders, and serving as a knowledge-hub of best practices and scientific evidence.

Read the full statement on ecological criteria in offshore wind farm auctions here


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