Factsheet - The Policy and Regulatory Landscape of the Netherlands
Feb 26, 2024

Reaching our decarbonisation targets requires deployment of wind energy in European seas. If we look at the Netherlands, what is the current state of offshore wind development and how do their plans include nature? You can learn the answers in RGI's new factsheet on the Netherlands, produced alongside a webinar series highlighting legal and regulatory frameworks within selected European countries related to offshore wind, grid and nature planning and permitting.

Med OCEaN Recommendations to ensure nature-friendly offshore wind and grid development with robust and timely Maritime Spatial Planning
Nov 07, 2023

Members of the recently launched Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature – Mediterranean basin (Med OCEaN) strongly support an improved, robust, and timely Maritime Spatial Planning process. This will significantly contribute to accelerating OWE, as well as reducing investment risks and project delays. In this context, Med OCEaN Members, a coalition which includes stakeholders from Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal, are today launching recommendations to be considered by EU Member States of the Mediterranean basin and adjacent Atlantic waters.

OCEaN Statement on ecological criteria in offshore wind farm auctions
Apr 26, 2023

In this statement, the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) encourages European Member States to make full use of ecological non-price criteria for the design of offshore wind farm auctions. These are important tools for Member States to incentivise the innovation required to achieve the EU Green Deal objectives and the Good Environmental Status of our seas, support European industry, and speed up the deployment of much-needed electricity generation and transport capacity.

RPSB Report: Powering Healthy Seas - Accelerating Nature Positive Offshore Wind
Sep 30, 2022

A new report by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) brings together experts in conservation and wind energy to look at how the UK can live up to its offshore wind commitments and protect our natural world. The report offers hope that with the right frameworks and political will, we can find ways to generate renewable energy at sea that will help us tackle the climate and nature emergencies together.

Essential Environmental Concepts for the Offshore Wind Energy Sector in Europe
Jun 21, 2022

The Renewables Grid Initiative, in collaboration with OCEaN members, commissioned the discussion paper "Essential Environmental Concepts for the Offshore Wind Energy Sector in Europe" in order to clarify key environmental concepts used in policy discussions regarding marine biodiversity protection and the expansion of the offshore wind energy (OWE) sector. Sixteen key environmental concepts relevant in guiding the sustainable development of the offshore wind energy sector were identified and reviewed by independent conservation and sustainability consultant PJ Stephenson.

North Sea Foundation Analysis: potential risks to North Sea nature posed by offshore wind energy
Feb 18, 2022

Research by the North Sea Foundation shows that ecological knowledge development is increasingly lagging behind the acceleration of the energy transition. This report highlights the benefits and risks of large-scale roll out of offshore wind farms as it is becoming increasingly likely that the ambition for wind at sea will clash with the ecological carrying capacity of the North Sea.

Messages on Maritime Spatial Planning
Oct 31, 2021

OCEaN’s Working Group on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) has finalised a document encompassing five key principles that Member States should integrate into their respective national MSPs.

Study Launch: Offshore Biodiversity Data and Monitoring
Oct 07, 2021

RGI launched the study "A Review of Biodiversity Data Needs and Monitoring Protocols for the Offshore Wind Energy Sector in the Baltic Sea and North Sea" by author PJ Stephenson. The study commissioned by RGI is a building block towards transparent and comparable data as well as harmonised monitoring practices and a streamlined collaboration among stakeholders.

BirdLife Summary Report: How Offshore Wind Impacts Seabirds
Sep 30, 2021

BirdLife International published a Summary Report on the "Impact of offshore wind development on seabirds in the North Sea and Baltic Sea: Identification of data sources and at-risk species". The report identifies possible impacts of the growing offshore wind development on already endangered seabirds in the North and Baltic Seas and indicates how data can be used to mitigate these risks posed to marine wildlife in order for the clean energy transition to happen while protecting biodiversity.