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OCEaN German WG: Six recommendations for a nature-friendly development of offshore wind energy
Nov 04, 2021

The German Working Group of OCEaN has just published "Six recommendations for a nature-friendly development of offshore wind energy". They are an appeal to the coalition partners of the future German government to include these measures in the coalition agreement in order to achieve climate neutrality in Germany by 2045 and implement the European Climate Law and Europe-wide climate neutrality by 2050.

Study Launch: Offshore Biodiversity Data and Monitoring
Oct 07, 2021

RGI launched the study "A Review of Biodiversity Data Needs and Monitoring Protocols for the Offshore Wind Energy Sector in the Baltic Sea and North Sea" by author PJ Stephenson. The study commissioned by RGI is a building block towards transparent and comparable data as well as harmonised monitoring practices and a streamlined collaboration among stakeholders.

BirdLife Summary Report: How Offshore Wind Impacts Seabirds
Sep 29, 2021

BirdLife International published a Summary Report on the "Impact of offshore wind development on seabirds in the North Sea and Baltic Sea: Identification of data sources and at-risk species". The report identifies possible impacts of the growing offshore wind development on already endangered seabirds in the North and Baltic Seas and indicates how data can be used to mitigate these risks posed to marine wildlife in order for the clean energy transition to happen while protecting biodiversity.

Webinar: Nature inclusive design of offshore infrastructure
Nov 27, 2020

Our webinar, “Nature inclusive design of offshore infrastructure - How can we design offshore systems to safeguard healthy marine ecosystems?” on 27 November includes presentations by and discussions with two practitioners closely involved in the search for solutions to ensure that healthy marine ecosystems are safeguarded in all offshore infrastructure development.