OCEaN Statement: Charting the Course for a Sustainable Offshore Future

OCEaN - North and Baltic Seas is launching a statement today calling for joint political action on climate and biodiversity goals after the 2024 EU elections and underlines five key areas policymakers must focus on to ensure the expansion of offshore wind contributes positively to both the environment and society. The launch of this statement marks the kick off OCEaN and Renewables Grid Initiative's activities at WindEurope’s 2024 Annual Event in Bilbao.
Mar 20, 2024

Charting Course Statement(2).pngOCEaN is committed to addressing the intertwined challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. We recognise the urgent need for Europe to expand offshore wind capacity while preserving and restoring marine ecosystems. Our coalition, comprised of NGOs, wind industry actors, and electricity grid operators, is dedicated to ensuring that this expansion contributes positively to both the environment and society.

In light of the upcoming EU elections, OCEaN - North and Baltic Seas calls for the following actions to be prioritised and implemented:

  1. Champion Sea Basin Planning: Member States and the EC are urged to lead in regional cooperation
  2. Implement Ecosystem-based Approach: Member States are urged to reduce impacts of human activities on nature
  3. Champion Effective Environmental Law Implementation: Members States are urged to ensure compliance with environmental law
  4. Ensure the Inclusion of Socio-Ecological Criteria in Offshore Developments: Member States are urged to systematically integrate non-price criteria in offshore wind auctions to increase projects’ sustainability
  5. Collaborate for Nature-Positive Infrastructure: Member States and the EC are urged to build synergies between industry, academia, and NGOs

These actions are integral to our collective mission and intend to chart a sustainable course for the future of offshore wind and grids, and therefore must be reflected in the new mandates given to our leaders. We must seize this moment to amplify our efforts, achieve climate and energy goals, and ensure that our seas and their ecosystems are given the protection they require.

OCEaN reaffirms its commitment to finding solutions that balance energy infrastructure development with nature protection. We are ready to contribute to initiatives that promote sustainable offshore development and ensure the health of our seas and marine biodiversity.

Read the Statement here