Selection criteria: Energy and Nature Database

The Energy and Nature Database aims to collect and share innovative measures that have been implemented by wind developers, transmission system operators, research institutes, local communities or environmental NGOs, and showcase how the deployment of offshore wind energy infrastructure can be tackled hand in hand with the protection and restoration of marine ecosystems.

Measures included in this database have different formats and scopes, varying from multi-stakeholder collaborations to restoration and enhancement of marine habitats to innovative designs for wind energy infrastructure (e.g. multi-use, multi-functionality and nature-inclusive designs). Measures presented here also include research and pilot projects. 

Due to the diversity of conditions and marine habitats in the different European seas, measures and experiences are not always replicable. However, these can serve as inspiration and, when feasible, be adjusted to the local conditions, species, and habitats.

Criteria for the selection of ‘Energy and Nature measures’ for our database

OCEaN’s Members have agreed upon 10 criteria measures should encompass to be included in the ‘Energy and Nature Database’, however a single measure does not have to cover all the criteria. The criteria are the following:

  1. Ecosystem services (basic services that make life possible for people provided by nature’s ecosystems)
  2. Climate mitigation (measures that reduce the change of the climate)
  3. Climate adaptation (measures that increase the resilience to climate change risk)
  4. Conservation of biological diversity
  5. Stakeholder engagement (involvement and inclusion of relevant actors in the process)
  6. Coastal resilience (benefits for the improvement of coastal habitat resilience)
  7. Co-existence (harmonious coexistence with marine life and other users of the sea)
  8. Net positive social effects/potential for economic opportunities and green jobs
  9. Open data (accessibility of interested stakeholders to information)
  10. Adaptability (quality to adapt to new conditions)