Launch of the Coalition for Offshore Energy and Nature (OCEaN)

The “Coalition for aligning the development of offshore wind energy with nature protection and healthy marine ecosystems" was officially launched on 16 November 2020 and brings together NGOs, TSOs and the offshore wind industry.
Nov 16, 2020

OCEaN_Launch.pngThe Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) brings together NGOs, wind industry and transmission system operators (TSOs) across Europe to cooperate on the sustainable deployment of offshore wind, while ensuring alignment with nature protection and healthy marine ecosystems.

The 18 founding members have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU defines how OCEaN members will work together on developing a voluntary collaborative approach to planning environmentally-friendly offshore wind energy and grid infrastructure.

OCEaN work will support the Maritime Spatial Plans and contribute to the elaboration and implementation of the European climate, energy and environmental objectives. OCEaN strives to fill knowledge gaps, develop and suggest solutions needed and monitor developments as well as impacts and efficacy of measures in the offshore space.

“RGI is proud to be part of this Coalition and to act as convener and coordinator for this diverse group of stakeholders. Renewable Offshore infrastructure is essential for Europe to meet its climate and energy targets. Planning collaboratively and with an ecosystem approach is the only way to avoid damages, delays and conflicts.” Antonella Battaglini - CEO Renewables Grid Initiative.

“This is an excellent initiative. Industry and NGOs need to work together for the EU to fulfil its climate and biodiversity objectives, become the first climate-neutral continent and be an example to the world. Offshore wind energy will be a central part of Europe’s energy transition, of a just transition and of economic recovery. The wind industry is delighted to join forces with Civil Society and TSOs to ensure the expansion of offshore wind keeps our seas healthy, clean and productive. This is the start of essential collaboration.” Giles Dickson - CEO WindEurope

"Our oceans are a rich resource, both of mindblowing clean energy potential and of awesome marine life. As we harvest sustainable offshore power to fight the climate crisis, we must ensure we preserve and protect the ecosystems within our waters. If we get it right, both nature and the climate will reap the rewards." Antonia Leroy, Head of Ocean Policy - WWF European Policy Office

OCEaN Founding Members

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